Achieve Superior Team Performance Using Collaboration Science and Measuring Several Practical and Performance Metrics

Collaborative meetings can boost productivity and quality of outcomes, especially when proven techniques are used to establish goals, measure success, and overcome creative roadblocks.

This session will prepare attendees to develop transparent and meaningful metrics that provide feedback to help teams gauge and improve their performance, replace counterproductive argumentation with an inclusive process, and guide teams toward outstanding outcomes.

The panel will introduce practical concepts, backed by scientific research, to help every participant achieve superior team performance. Through examples and quick exercises, participants will develop skills to use metrics as evidence to support informed decisions, focus on controllable factors and prioritize what can be done, work toward a holistic system of control and outcome metrics, and understand and overcome natural and instinctive roadblocks to collaboration, among other things.

This session will build upon a well-received 2019 presentation to share new insights into the development of performance metrics and KPIs for building information modeling, team integration, and virtual design and construction. The findings are based on research by Dr. Calvin Kam, an adjunct professor of Stanford University’s Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) and also founder of Strategic Building Innovation, bimSCORE, and teamingSCORE.


10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
9 April 2020


Tony Rinella
Senior Director, Strategic Building Innovation
Dr. Calvin Kam, PhD
AIA, PE, LEED AP, and Adjunct Professor, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University