Awards Presentation and Closing Keynote


The Genius and Courage of a Dream
Presented By: George Bandy, Jr.

The last 20 years have presented opportunities for us to make an impact on where we live. We, meaning, every person, Mother Nature and all of her creatures, and the entire planet. When we transform the marketplace, success is measured in many formats – GDP, ESG, GHG, energy and water. 

But our underserved and poor communities make calculations based on healthy food, better schools, fewer days with asthma attacks, and no chemicals in the landfill beside their home, garden or playground.

Mother Nature is calculating less carbon in the ozone, cleaner water for rivers and streams, more animals off the endangered list, and trees to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. 

We cannot get comfortable. It’s been said that “Being good is the largest threat to becoming great.” There is a tremendous amount of work yet to be done. We must remember the genius and courage of dreaming. Living buildings have strong roots in economic and environmental performance and offer vitally important benefits for human health, social equity, productivity and well-being.

Learning objectives:

  1. Gain a better understanding of the embedded genius of understanding systematic thinking and visionary leadership.
  2. Revisit lessons from nature that remind us that we have a shared responsibility to be connected.
  3. Identify core sustainable design principles distilled from natural systems.
  4. Learn about our shared responsibility for the underserved entities that often are reservoirs of an unfair proportion of environmental and social degradation.
  5. Recognize and share examples of the challenges of apathy in sustainability that have been solved by courage.


Awards Presentation

We all like winning things. During this closing keynote, we plan to celebrate the hard work of many winners from within the built environment: 

  • Mortimer M. Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award. This is our highest honor. It always goes to someone who’s demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to the mission and goals of NIBS. The award is named after our very first member; it was established in 2011.
  • Memorial Scholarship. The Betty and Mort Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to promote diversity in the building sciences. It will benefit 2 students – an architecture major and an engineering major studying at a Historically Black College or University. 


03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
18 August 2020


George Bandy, Jr.
Former Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)