Climate Adaptation, Mitigation, and the Role of Building Codes

Hazard events are increasing in frequency, intensity and impact. At the same time, the impact of buildings on the environment and society is gaining increased attention. Building codes sit at the intersection of solutions to address both challenges, providing a foundation for broader community resilience initiatives. While the focus areas of resiliency to hazard events and mitigating climate change impacts may appear disconnected, they are in fact inter-related and building codes serve as an important tool in addressing these dual challenges.

This panel discussion will examine how building codes support climate adaptation/hazard mitigation and climate mitigation and how they are evolving as policy goals and risks change. The panel will share how international code development and research organizations are coming together to share ideas on addressing future climate risk and how energy codes are evolving to help communities and industry leaders achieve widespread zero energy buildings and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PM
29 September 2021