Educating the Workforce of the Future: A Study of CEM Curriculum at High School Levels

To consider how best to educate the next generation of construction workforce there has been great attention to workforce development within the umbrella of Construction Engineering Management (CEM) education. With this understanding, the researcher aims to understand the relationship of CEM education in high school level curriculum by reviewing the existence of current curriculum offerings.

This session will inform attendees about current curriculum offerings that is used to educate the future workforce about career opportunities within the construction management industry. Research has shown career education exposure at high school levels is beneficial to the future workforce development.

The speaker will introduce research trends found in academic journals, county websites, and private organizations to identify the current course offerings within CEM and identify gaps to further educate high school students about CEM at the high school level. Upon analysis of the current curriculum offerings for high school students the researcher will provide a statement about curriculum gaps within CEM education.


11:35 AM - 12:05 PM
9 April 2020


Cayla L. Anderson
Graduate Student, Clemson University