Future Ready Design - Concepts for Better Building Enclosures

Our climate constantly is evolving, which will impact risks for flooding, storms type and volume, and how our buildings need to be responsive to these changes. 

The current building codes do not yet provide guidance to fully adapt how we build, but those changes are coming in future iterations. In the interim, designers, owners, contractors, and consultants need to be equipped to better understand how best to assess the risks and design for them. 

The building enclosure or skin always has been the initial line of defense against environmental impacts to our buildings. Over the ages, designers have found ways of building resiliency into their designs for protection, while many times achieving a wonderful aesthetic. Using examples from a series of projects that implement concepts of future-ready design, session attendees will see methods that can be implemented on any project. Our design processes that typically are reactive can become proactive in focusing on solutions ahead of change rather than reacting to them after major events occur.

10:55 AM - 11:25 AM
7 April 2020


Paul E. Totten
VP, National Practice Leader - Building Enclosures, WSP