If It Makes So Much Sense, Why Is It So Hard To Do Mitigation?

The Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves studies found that the benefits of hazard mitigation far outweigh the costs. However, mitigation investments are not being made at levels commensurate with these benefits. 

This session will examine the factors that make mitigation so hard to carry out. Speakers and attendees will explore ways to complete the sentence, "I would act to improve resilience, but ..." 

Presenters will tackle some of the most common responses, including the uncertainty associated with climate change, dynamics in code development, and issues with regard to adoption. These issues include costs and benefits, how risks and benefits are not shared appropriately, conflicts between key stakeholders, a lack of awareness and demand from consumers, and disconnect between long-term community needs and short-term political and business timelines. Attendees will be given the opportunity to share their own ideas as to why mitigation doesn’t occur and explore with the panel and others how to address such gaps.


10:55 AM - 11:25 AM
7 April 2020


Dr. Keith Porter
University of Colorado Boulder and SPA Risk LLC
Bryan Koon
Vice President, International Homeland Security and Emergency Management, IEM