Linking Complex Data to BIM: Lessons from Open-Sourced Programming

Working on the interior renovation of the Nebraska State Capitol, the project team had a detailed BIM model, but no way to link complex project data (images, tasks, notes, complex parameters) to specific elements (rooms, windows, doors). 

This session will focus on a means of cataloging and accessing complex, unbounded project data using a custom mobile/desktop application that interfaces with conventional BIM platforms.

The Nebraska State Capitol project’s scale, along with the multiplicity of data required, necessitated an alternative to the traditional way of collecting and correlating data. The software, developed by the project architect from open-source libraries, allowed users to collect complex project data in the field and immediately access it in the model. 

At a higher level, the session will discuss lessons learned from the perspective of an architect working in the computer science industry. The session also will discuss how architects can apply this industry's systematic approach and open-sourced collaborative nature to build technology tools that make the building process more nimble and efficient.

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
8 April 2020


Zach Soflin, RA
Founder, Layer