A Look Ahead: The Next 50 Years of the Built Environment

The built environment has faced incredible change.

Fifty years ago, 60 percent of new single-family homes were one story. High-rise residential structures were completed in an average of 15 months. Our buildings have become increasingly sophisticated, sustainable, and resilient – dictated by climate forces, the evolving wants and needs of building occupants, and changes in technology, materials, and construction techniques.

Where will the next 50 years take us?

This panel discussion will break down what’s in our future, covering climate adaptation and mitigation, transformational technologies, and industry workforce diversification and social equity.

We all have our opinions about where this will go. Let’s have the discussion.

08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
23 May 2024
Presidential Ballroom


Amy Marks
Executive Vice President, Global Strategy, Symetri
Doug Parsons
Director, America Adapts Media
Christi Powell
Women Business Enterprise Division, 84 Lumber Company
Mónika Serrano
Resilience Program Manager, Turner Construction