Luncheon Keynote: The New Frontier of Building Grid Integration & Best Practices for Anti-Terrorism Security

Meeting the challenges of energy resilience and the climate crisis will require breaking down the barriers between the design and management of buildings and power grid. The buildings and grid of the future must be smart, connected, flexible, efficient and decarbonized, so that they can work together to achieve a cleaner, smaller energy footprint that provides more targeted and effective services. 

In this session, attendees will hear from leaders helping envision, pilot and design this future, from the New Buildings Institute and its GridOptimal Buildings Initiative to the General Services Administration and its new federal building to grid initiative. Speakers will discuss the challenges yet to overcome, strategies to bring this future into being, and ways you can help shape it.

Ken Sandler will moderate the session, and his presentation will outline the concepts and value proposition of grid-integrated efficient buildings and then detail the findings and recommendations of GSA’s Green Building Advisory Committee for federal buildings to pilot and adopt building-grid integration. Additional speakers include Kinga Porst, a High-Performance Building Expert for GSA’s Office of Federal High-Performance Buildings, who will cover GSA’s grid-integration analyses and pilots, and Ralph DiNola, CEO of the New Buildings Institute who will discuss the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative, a new program led by NBI and the U.S. Green Building Council that will develop metrics by which building features and operating characteristics that support more effective grid operation can be measured and quantified.

12:15 PM - 01:45 PM
7 April 2020


Ken Sandler
High Performance Building Advisor, GSA
Ralph DiNola
CEO, New Buildings Institute (NBI)
Kinga Hydras
High Performance Building Expert, GSA
Joe Donovan
NIBS Chair & SVP, Beacon Capital Partners
Roger Grant
Executive Director, BIM, National Institute of Building Sciences