Machine Readable Taxonomy Delivery: CSI Construction Information Exchange (CIE), a Sole Source of Truth for Software

Construction taxonomies are present in many countries in Europe and North America and are an essential tool for project delivery and management. In the U.S. and Canada, delivery of information using taxonomies has been a part of project delivery for over 50 years, but the current method of implementation is piecemeal, with variations from standard version differences, home brewed classifications, and other sources robbing the standard taxonomies of their advantages.

Similarly, delivery of information using web technologies has been available for decades, but the U.S. construction industry has tended to use these technologies in a product-specific atomized fashion, maintaining the fragmentation and silos that have been present for even longer.

Despite knowing that BIM and related technologies can break down these silos, most firms do not engage in regular sharing of information. There are many reasons for this. They include standards to do so are not uniformly adopted, professional culture discourages sharing of IP, the perceived cost and risk of sharing, and failure of codes and contracts to recognize models and structured information as deliverables, relying instead on old contract document forms. 

Sharing information more freely and fully nevertheless seems like a necessary precursor to improving construction productivity.

This presentation will explore whether a bottom-up strategy, using tools already in place and used by firms, can break down some of the barriers to change without action by government agencies or others.


10:55 AM - 11:25 AM
8 April 2020


Gregory Ceton
Director, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects, CSI
Rick Bawcum