The Next Generation of Green Jobs: Opportunities and Training for the Green Economy

The landscape of green jobs has continued to evolve since the Bureau of Labor Statistics first launched a comprehensive study to define and track jobs that support environmental sustainability in 2010. Evidence shows that the green economy- buildings, facilities management, architecture, janitorial, renewable energy etc. will only continue to grow. As the development on green buildings and communities shifts towards higher performance, what are the impacts and opportunities on the labor force? In this session led by the U.S Green Building Council, we will explore the current jobs landscape in the context of an evolving green building industry, and how we must prepare now for the needs of the future.


01:00 PM - 01:45 PM
18 August 2020


Jaime Van Mourik
Vice President, Education Solutions, U.S. Green Building Council
Ryan Snow
Director, Market Transformation + Development, U.S. Green Building Council
Patricia Andrasik
Associate Professor and head of sustainability outreach at the School of Architecture and Planning, Catholic University of America