An Overview of 4D BIM Construction Sequencing: The Reality and the Potential

4D BIM construction sequencing associates the element of time to components of a 3D BIM in the virtual world to provide a simulation of activities, movements, etc. on the jobsite to demonstrate how the project will evolve over time. 4D BIM has gained increasing momentum in the industry for the purpose of visualization, planning, and controlling different aspects of a construction project. This includes constructability, site logistics, workers' safety, crews and equipment conflicts.

This presentation provides a rundown on 4D BIM workflows, application areas and benefits for effective planning and controlling of construction jobsites. Further, you will be introduced to the concept of Computational BIM, how to automate 4D BIM processes, and set the stage right for successful implementation of 4D BIM. This session will use real-world projects to showcase how to create 3D BIM the 4D way (focusing on construction needs), the challenges and success stories in addressing BIM data interoperability issues to facilitate verification of 3D BIMs and automate linking 3D objects to construction activities for the purpose of 4D simulation.

  • ICC CEU:
    .10 CEU
01:00 PM - 01:50 PM
27 September 2021


Marjan Sadeghi
VDC Engineer, VIATechnik LLC