Quantifying Building Fire Resistance + Energy Storage Systems, a Fire Service Response

The focus of this presentation will outline the perceived risks, research methodology and long-range outcome potentials of Project FAIL-SAFE.

Jon Narva will explain the basic research plan, which involves a series of full-scale fire experiments designed to provide scientifically valid data on the interrelation of passive and active fire protections systems. 

Attendees will learn how this research effort will provide a clear picture on determining the appropriate layers of protection needed for building and community resiliency. 

Along the way, results from the research will explain how active and passive fire protection system designs integrate with one another from a historical perspective, demonstrate trends in that integration, and present a plan to discover acceptable risk levels associated with the layers of protection. Finally, participants will learn the genesis of the project and the innovative public/private partnership behind it.

02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
7 April 2020


Jon Narva
Director, External Relations, National Association of State Fire Marshalls
Sean DeCrane
Manager, Industry Relations, Underwriters Laboratories (UL)