Rage Against the Machines: Surviving the End of Architecture

Contemporary architectural practice typically is averse to the digital realm. Our profession portrays itself as being highly creative, however, its business practices decidedly are analog. As an industry, we must focus on questioning how things are done and push to develop 21st-century urban solutions. 

This session will be an introduction to the tools that are provoking traditional business and provide insights into emerging practice-oriented strategies, focused on recent technological advances.

Architects have to embrace technological fluidity if they aspire to remain a relevant profession. Still, the analog-to-digital wave of the past decades has been superficial. Rather than discuss “what” would be possible in the future, the focus of this presentation is to expand on the “how.”

Through case studies and a panel discussion with experts, this session will showcase the digital arsenal of tools which support a sustainable, fact-driven, and accountable practice. 

Disruptive technology will evolve our project delivery methods and company culture by actively nurturing dissent and conceiving a relevant, inclusive practice. Hyper-connectivity, highly-accessible design tools, user-experience, coding, machine-learning, AR/VR, internet-of-things, and meta-data analytics will accelerate a fundamental shift in practice. Several platforms will be discussed regarding how they allow us to quantify and qualify the value of our work as architects. These shall redefine “standard-of-care” paradigms, to align with creating human-centric and environmentally responsible urban spaces.

11:35 AM - 12:05 PM
8 April 2020


Ricardo Rodriguez
Global Virtual Design Specialist, BASF