Resilience and Life Cycle Cost Analysis - How Cost and Durability Factor into a Resilient Built Environment

As we adapt to increased volatile climatic conditions, we must consider the resilience of the built environment. Performing a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) provides project teams and building owners with a comprehensive cost of acquiring, operating, and disassembling a building. 

An LCCA creates an opportunity for decisions to be made based on longevity of a structure rather than focusing on first costs. Buildings designed and constructed with high-quality materials can withstand environmental factors, prolong the building life, and allow for a more sustainable disposal or use of materials.

This presentation will outline how LCCA paths parallel with green building certifications and federal requirements. It will also demonstrate the economic and environmental value to performing LCCAs. Attendees will understand how to incorporate disaster risk management (DRM) into building design and recognize the sustainability impact of resilient buildings.

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
7 April 2020


Vicki Worden
President & CEO, GBI
Dr. Mark Russell
Partner in Wise Built, LLC