Resiliency, Infrastructure Impacts and Future Proofing

Resiliency must address a host of issues and plan for the future, while balancing solutions within current project program, budget, and schedule.

Questions that it must address include how are institutional and corporate organizations planning for climate-change driven and increasingly frequent interruptions in normal operations, including floods and loss of power and potable water? How are mission critical facilities designing and preparing for ‘black island’ conditions, and how are non-critical facilities designing and preparing to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and resume normal operations as quickly as possible after an event? How are both designing for the long-term strain on our infrastructure, such as water, power, transportation, and food systems? How are organizations future-proofing facilities so that they are flexible and adaptable for changes in automation, smart technology, workplace, science, healthcare, pedagogy and other shifts in the lifecycle of a building?

This session will employ case studies to walk through several strategies currently being employed in government, private and institutional sectors, and will share lessons learned for future planning.


10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
7 April 2020


Anica Landreneau
Global Director, Sustainable Design, HOK