Marjan Sadeghi

Marjan Sadeghi, PhD

VIATechnik, LLC

Marjan Sadeghi holds a doctorate in Construction Engineering and Management, with a background in Civil Engineering. Over the last three years, she has carried out research on sustainable, automated information management workflows within the AECFM industry through a project-lifecycle view to Building Information Modeling. 

Marjan has worked with big owner organizations to develop a better understanding of FM workflows, and owners’ task and system needs. Her knowledge in the area of Computational BIM and her passion for enhancing automation for the betterment of the design, construction, and FM industry have led her to provide owners with solutions for systematic specification of model requirements in support of automatic generation, verification, and transition of facility data. She is a VDC Engineer at VIATechnik, where she works on projects in different sectors of the AECFM industry to provide insight, execute efficiency through automated workflows, and bring value in BIM efforts for clients.