Practice 5: Challenges of Practice

Chair Dudley McFarquhar, McFarquhar Group Inc.

  • Manufactured Home Heating - Coincident Grid Peak Good, Bad & Ugly, Casey Stone, Advanced Energy
  • Building Envelope Airtightness Quantification: Challenges Using Sectional, Sampling, or Wall Assembly Testing Methods, Stephen Wong, Morrison Hershfield
  • Teaching Performance: Architectural Simulation in the Undergraduate Studio, Clarke Snell, New York Institute of Technology

Building Envelope Airtightness Quantification Challenges
Teaching Performance Architectural Simulation in the Undergraduate Studio

10:45 AM - 12:35 PM
20 March 2024
Capitol Ballroom F-H


Dudley McFarquhar
CEO, McFarquhar Group Inc. | VP Engineering, Stone Inspections Group, LLC. | Chair (2024-25), Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC)