The Building Enclosure Science and Technology Conference (BEST) is back after six years providing the forum for industry experts to learn about new or existing advances in building envelope design. Be part of the knowledge sharing on these technologies and practices and join the discussion with building professionals and members of the Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) and local Building Enclosure Chapters (BECs). The 2024 agenda will integrate technical sessions on building safety, resilience, durability, sustainability, and occupant comfort into the following tracks:


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The NIBS Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) is charged with encouraging optimum energy use of buildings through a better understanding of how overall, complex building components interact with each other and the environment.

BETEC members work together to share knowledge of existing and new technologies and practices, and to integrate technical programs on building safety, durability, resilience and occupant comfort with the thermal performance of building envelopes.

The Building Enclosure Councils (BECs), a joint venture between the American Institute of Architects and NIBS under the aegis of BETEC, host some 4,000 members in 34 local chapters.