Accelerating Digital Transformation with the U.S. National BIM Program

The U.S. built environment has yet to realize the full benefits of digital transformation. NIBS is leading the development and dissemination of next-gen practice standards and processes for the built environment. The U.S. National BIM Program will provide a step-change in capacity, creating a platform and community to support the next phase of digital innovation.

In this session we will outline the framework of the program, including its core values and goals, as well as the industry workgroups identified to achieve success. We'll also explore the five-year plan for the program (past, present, and future), the purpose of the workstreams, and the connection to specific stakeholder groups.

Session presentation
10:50 AM - 11:50 AM
6 September 2023
Georgetown East


Johnny Fortune
Executive Director, National BIM Program, NIBS