BIM Provides the Fuel for Data-Driven Change at the Department of State

BREAKOUT SESSION: Presented by Roger Grant, Executive Director, NIBS BIM Council, and Andy Blackmore, U.S. Department of State.

In an ongoing effort to use models as data, OBO has focused on BIM Uses to guide planning and development. BIM Uses are referenced to an industry standard (NBIMS/PSU) but to be used for developing and implementing data driven procedures, they require additional levels of detail about the user stories that make them up. Layering on lower level User Stories enables their application to a wide range of program activities and creates a framework for data driven implementation that is iterative and uses agile procedures. This session will show how, working with NIBS BIM team, OBO is leveraging the standardized BIM Uses to extend their implementation vertically and horizontally for a wide range of stakeholders and processes to advance design and construction quality, project consistency, time and effort reduction and the value of facilities once they are put into operation.


09:20 AM - 10:20 AM
27 September 2022
Chinese Ballroom