Cybercrime Vulnerability in Buildings and Critical Infrastructure

Today, most facility and operations systems integrate smart technologies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the human experience. While offering significant advantages, recent headlines reporting the shutdown of critical systems worldwide due to cyberattacks remind facility and infrastructure managers that "smart" must also be safe and secure. Cybercriminals not only can seize or exploit information technology systems, but they can also compromise the operational technologies society relies on every day for essential services as well as defending national security.

In a building, the smart controls for elevators, HVAC, security/surveillance, and emergency response are vulnerable to attack without deliberate protections designed and engineered to mitigate cyber risk. Critical infrastructure must be protected as millions of people will be affected by a loss of capability to deliver utilities and services. But what should those protections be?

This session will address supply chain risk management and the cybersecurity threats associated with “people” and their need to access control systems to include external threats, insider threats as well as third-party threats. The speakers will review the current state of cyber vulnerabilities and what the public and private sectors are doing to protect national security and incentivize investments in cyber safety with the assistance of the insurance industry.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PM
27 September 2021