Data & AI in Construction

Presented by Alvaro Soto, Director, Product Management, Data, Procore Technologies, and Adam Jilani, Sr., Product Manager, Data Platform, Procore Technologies.

The construction industry has a data continuity problem. Data is captured at each stage of the building lifecycle, with multiple tools, and stored in different systems. In a typical construction project several tools and technologies are used to capture, collect, and process data. Yet, the value of data isn't found in the data alone, it’s in the relationships between each piece of data and how it con nects to the physical world. In this presentation we will show the audience how data can be connected throughout the lifecycle of a building; from pre-construction, course of construction, energy management (kW / KWh), to grid modernization. We will explore how location intelligence can connect builders and grid operators to installed objects (i.e Mechanical, Solar, Battery Storage, etc) and visually interpret each asset by navigating behind the walls and exploring the connected data for each asset. Imagine a future where we understand objects from design to when they are born as real physical objects and how data can help us monitor its entire lifecycle.


10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
27 September 2022
Chinese Ballroom