Design for Resilience and Sustainability: Concrete Protects Life and Resiliency and Zero Energy for Educational Facilities Case Study

Presented by Jim Schneider, LEEP, AP, Executive Director, PCI's Mountain States Chapter, & Tremco Rep for School Case Study, and Andy Horgan, Key Account Executive, K-12, Federal, Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms.

Buildings are a major pillar of communities. Whether large cities or small rural communities, the structures where people live, work, learn, and gather are a vital part of the fabric of society.

Concrete can contribute to strategies that maintain the health, safety, and integrity of individuals and communities. As attention to climate change increases, precast concrete showcases several attributes that are important in designing for life safety and health. These include durability, resilience, storm resistance, fire protection, blast resistance, seismic design, indoor environmental quality, and sustainability.

Case studies will be presented, illustrating how concrete structures perform well during severe storms, fires, and other natural and manmade events. History has shown that concrete buildings often are the last ones standing after a hurricane, tornado, fire, or other natural disaster.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
27 September 2022
Palm Court Ballroom


Ben Robertson, PE, AVS 2022
National Federal Market Director, CMTA Consulting Engineers