Designing for our Future- Climate Forward Design

This presentation will discuss where we stand and where we are heading, and give guidance on actions required by practitioners, code bodies, and the importance of making this a much deeper focus. The speaker will discuss actions needed today in education at all levels, design, existing buildings, thought changes needed for storm changes, and other environmental impacts. They will guide us towards a future that will only be achieved through actual actions, rather than the slower pace we are currently on as compared to our planet. They will interlink and give a broader view to greater impact with lower cost high impact solutions and offer a glimpse into an achievable future that will take a large effort across all involved in constructing, maintaining and improving buildings.

Session presentation
01:10 PM - 01:35 PM
6 September 2023
Georgetown East


Paul E. Totten
VP, National Practice Leader - Building Enclosures, WSP