Don’t mind the gap: Exploring the Intersection of BIM and Digital Twins

Join us for an engaging discussion with industry leaders exploring the crucial intersection of BIM and Digital Twins. This session will feature insights from key industry association experts, including Cindy Baldwin, representing buildingSMART US; Zahra Ghorbani, representing NIBS; Dan Feinberg, representing the Digital Twin Consortium; and Marc Goldman from buildingSMART International, NIBS, and the Digital Twin Consortium.

The panel will delve into several positions proposed by the NIBS Digital Twin Integration Subcommittee, shedding light on the evolving landscape of BIM and its integration with Digital Twins. Through a collaborative exploration of these positions – a discussion on their impacts and insight – attendees will gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of leveraging Digital Twins to enhance BIM processes and vice versa.

Topics to be discussed include the role of Digital Twins in improving building performance, facilitating lifecycle management, design optimization, simulation, analysis, energy efficiency optimization, risk assessment and more.

The panelists will address challenges and opportunities inherent in bridging the gap between BIM and Digital Twins, drawing upon their extensive experience and expertise in the field. From interoperability issues to data governance concerns, attendees can expect a candid discussion that illuminates both the promises and pitfalls of integrating these technologies. This session aims to catalyze collaborative efforts toward realizing the full potential of BIM-Digital Twin integration, driving innovation and efficiency across the built environment.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the implications of BIM and Digital Twins, according to the positions outlined in the NIBS DTI-S Position Paper
  • Gain a deeper understanding of BIM and Digital Twins and their roles in the AECO industry
  • Explore how BIM and Digital Twins intersect and their potential impact on built-world projects
  • Evaluate opportunities and challenges associated with utilizing BIM and Digital Twins
09:15 AM - 10:15 AM
23 May 2024


Cindy Baldwin
Founder and President, VDCO Tech Inc.
Dan Feinberg
Information Technology Strategist, Motivf
Zahra Ghorbani
BIM Manager, Office of Physical Plant, Department of Architectural Engineering, Penn State
Marc Goldman
Director, AEC Industry, Esri