Leveraging openBIM for Project Management

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation, and Owner (AECOO) organizations worldwide, the integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM), openBIM, and adherence to ISO19650 standards have become imperative for effective project management. This shift presents many challenges, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of these technologies and standards while simultaneously focusing on practical applications rather than overwhelming stakeholders with technical intricacies.

In this presentation targeted toward project managers, supply chain professionals and client representatives, the emphasis will be on equipping participants with the requisite knowledge to adeptly manage BIM and openBIM aspects within projects. The goal is to empower them with practical insights and examples that facilitate efficient project management and meet client expectations without being encumbered by unnecessary technological details.

The presentation provides vital background that teams need to support new objectives for enhanced project outcomes and satisfaction. Facilitators will explain fundamental BIM and openBIM concepts in plain terms, introduce relevant terminology, and familiarize participants with tools essential for managing BIM and openBIM projects.

Participants will engage in practical exercises aimed at reinforcing their understanding and proficiency in using these tools to execute project functions, including assisting owners in developing Organization Information Requirements (OIRs), establishing meaningful control and performance metrics, and crafting a comprehensive checklist for management of real-world BIM and openBIM projects.

This presentation will equip stakeholders with the insights and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of modern project management in the AECOO sector, adapting confidently to evolving project technologies and collaboration expectations.

Learning objectives:

  • Evaluate key BIM and openBIM terms and concepts
  • Develop organizational information requirements
  • Use performance metrics to improve contracts, management, and outcomes
  • Apply proven methods to specify and manage information exchange
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
23 May 2024


Jim Bedrick
Senior Industry Advisor, Strategic Building Innovation, and Founder and Principal, AEC Process Engineering
Calvin Kam
Founder and CEO, Strategic Building Innovation, bimSCORE, BIM Supporters Group, and PlanMeetDone.com