The Rapidly Accelerating Housing Shortage and Modular Building Solution

The current lumber shortage has exacerbated issues in homebuilding, but it did not create them. Instead, it has laid bare the inefficiencies and misaligned incentives that have become institutionalized in the industry; now, the system needs a major overhaul via new, innovative approaches that understand and target the multi-faceted nature of these problems.

Namely, the homebuilding industry faces a crisis in three areas — accessible housing, manufacturing, and sustainability — each of which require breakthrough innovation to address. In Veev, Amit Haller has built a company that vertically integrates the home building process to solve for these issues and reimagines the home as the ultimate consumer product that can be built better, and faster, to deliver a higher quality living experience for all.

In this presentation, Haller will explain how a modular building approach that uses sustainable and creative materials and is easily replicated across “micro distribution” centers offers a compelling solution to these problems. In addition, Haller will share his unique perspective derived from his experience founding and leading a proptech startup aimed at reimagining the future of homebuilding. At a time when the state of the industry appears dire, Haller suggests a new path forward.

  • AIA Learning Units:
    1.0 LU
  • ICC CEU:
    .10 CEU
02:00 PM - 02:50 PM
27 September 2021


Amit Haller
Co-founder & CEO, Veev Group, Inc.