A Retiring Facilities Management Workforce: Technology Strategies for Attracting and Onboarding a New Generation

In the next 10 years, half of current facilities management workforce is expected to retire, according to an IFMA study. This statistic brings up some alarming questions – what happens to our buildings when their managers retire? Who will replace them? How will they know what to do when the person who has been managing this facility has been doing it for decades?

With these questions come opportunities. Technology, such as reality capture, digital twins and IoT, can help to onboard and attract a new generation, whom in many ways, are already geared with the foundational skillset to utilize these leading-edge tools.

Our presentation will cover three parts. First, we outline the problem (our baby boomer facilities managers are retiring), then we provide examples of what technology-enabled solutions could look like in the future (proactive maintenance with digital twins & IoT), and finally, we define what skillsets might be useful for our next generation FM workforce (data literacy).

Session presentation
09:50 AM - 10:35 AM
6 September 2023
Georgetown East


Cheryle Cranbourne
VDCO Deputy Director, The LiRo Group
Aditi Patel
Vice President, The LiRo Group