The Story of BIM and the New World of Digital Construction

For some people, building information management (BIM) is only 3D planning; others see BIM as a fancy new trend in the construction industry. Yet others still may not fully understand what BIM is. Although there is evidence that BIM is a best practice for collaboration and information sharing throughout the asset lifecycle, many stakeholders in the built environment still are cautious about investing into the new world of digital planning, construction, and operation. The high degree of adoption of BIM as a best practice has not materialized into a U.S. National BIM Standard until now, with the news that NIBS is working with the UK’s Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) to build a U.S. BIM roadmap based on ISO 19650.

In this webinar, we will guide the audience through the story of BIM and its place in the new world of digital construction. We’ll explain the history of the BIM standard and how PAS 1192 transitioned into the globally accepted ISO 19650 BIM standard.

We will show what is possible and identify the operational and strategic benefits of embracing digital technology and making BIM business as usual. We’ll also show hurdles and barriers and recommend ways a company might begin the BIM journey.

We will consider different BIM approaches, whether you are an investor, designer, general contractor, sub-contractor, or facility manager. We also will review case studies and opportunities for the future.

  • ICC CEU:
    .10 CEU
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM
27 September 2021


Andrew Butterfield
Managing Director, Global Built Environment, BSI