TurboGrants: New Considerations for the Ethics of Hazard Mitigation Grant Process

Communities leverage federal grants to address hazard mitigation issues. The increased frequency and severity of disasters has disproportionately impacted historically marginalized and underserved communities. These communities usually have limited personnel, time, or expertise to apply for the numerous grants available through multiple federal agencies. The goal of this facilitated discussion is to discuss the ethics of the current hazard mitigation funding and application methodology, especially from the perspective of historically marginalized and underserved communities. During the discussion participants will be briefed on the TurboGrants effort. TurboGrants is an initiative led by NIBS with the goal of providing a new means to provide grant funding more ethically, equitably, and effectively to support under-resourced communities.

Session presentation
09:35 AM - 10:35 AM
7 September 2023


Curtis Brown
Special Advisor for Resilience, NIBS
Bryan Koon
Vice President of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, IEM
Russell J. Strickland
Secretary, Maryland Department of Emergency Management
Pamela Williams
Assistant Administrator, Grant Programs Directorate, FEMA
Jiqiu “JQ” Yuan
VP of Engineering, NIBS