Doug Parsons

Doug Parsons

Director, America Adapts Media

Doug Parsons is the Director of America Adapts Media and host of America Adapts – The Climate Change Podcast.

Parsons first started in the adaptation field in Queensland, Australia, focusing on the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector. Upon returning to the United States, Parsons joined the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and quickly assumed the duties of its Climate Change Coordinator – the first such position in the Florida state government.

In that position, Parsons developed a first-of-its-kind climate change training course that has since been modeled by the federal government and state of California. Parsons then took a position as the Climate Change Liaison with the National Park Service’s Climate Change Response program.

Today, Parsons runs America Adapts Media, which is focused on using podcasts to spread the word on climate adaptation.