BIM and Digital Twins: A Formal Position on Successful Integration for the AECO Industry

In early 2023, the NIBS BIM Council established a Digital Twin Integration Subcommittee (DTI-S) to develop a position on the relationship between BIM and digital twins. The chairs from the DTI-S will present the position paper being developed as a reference for the industry.

During the session, attendees will learn about the process, the committee’s participants, and the position expressed in the paper. The session will cover the main topics of the paper such as the technical foundation for the position, public perception of BIM and digital twins, and the use cases & data standards that impact the successful adoption of digital twins in the AECO industry.

Session presentation
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
6 September 2023


Zahra Ghorbani
Vice Chair- Digital Twin Integration Subcommittee (DTI-S)
Marc Goldman
Director, AEC Industry Solutions at Esri, Inc.
Scott McClure
Geospatial Enterprise Architect, Image Matters, LLC
Kimon Onuma
President, Onuma, Inc.