Building the Home of the Future Faster and More Sustainably

Homes are the largest and most important purchase we make in our lifetime, and they should be built that way. Despite a global pandemic, tumultuous economy, and fears of a housing bubble, the societal value we assign to owning a home remains paramount.

In this presentation, Amit Haller will unpack the societal and environmental challenges endemic to traditional homebuilding while outlining the path forward to achieving greater efficiency and sustainability through offsite building methods. Traditional construction systems are rife with misaligned incentives, labor-intensive practices (amid a protracted labor shortage), and minimal flexibility when it comes to design. These factors contribute to increased waste and high carbon emissions, with few prospects for change on the horizon.

Session presentation
09:35 AM - 10:00 AM
7 September 2023
Georgetown East


Amit Haller
CEO and Co-Founder, Veev