Welcome, Keynote by Sam Rashkin

Welcome, Stephen Ayers, FAIA, NIBS Interim CEO
Keynote Address, Sam Rashkin, Author of Housing 2.0: A Disruption

The Greatest Existential Threat to Our Planet … Spoiler Alert, It’s Not Climate
The building science community plays a vital role working hand-in-hand with the zero energy movement to ensure low carbon buildings that actually work. And getting to zero carbon buildings is incredibly important as a growing preponderance of scientific evidence shows our planet is in trouble. The problem is policies and actions forced-fed under the guise of climate and carbon start off by offending more than half of the country who cannot afford housing, education, and health services. We have a listening problem. We do not see deeply the massive growing demographic suffering from well-being and in turn are not being deeply seen. This presentation will assert this well-being disparity is in fact the greatest existential threat to our planet and offer solutions for how the climate movement can be deeply seen by all Americans. Let the conversation begin.

Session presentation
08:00 AM - 09:05 AM
19 March 2024
Capitol Ballroom D-E


Sam Rashkin
Founder, Housing 2.0