Fostering Climate Change Resilience through Cross-sector Collaboration and Innovation

Climate change presents numerous challenges and uncertainties to society, the economy, and environment, requiring a coordinated effort from the public and private sectors to navigate complex issues.

Our diverse panel of experts will discuss their respective experiences, innovations, and strategies with addressing climate change resilience—a critical component in building sustainable communities and organizations.

Venki Kumar, Director of Climate Data with KPMG, will set the stage by offering an overview of KPMG's pioneering work in the climate data space. Through case studies and sector-specific examples, Kumar will demonstrate the value of accurate and reliable climate data in devising effective adaptation strategies.

Keith Bryan, Director of Federal Sustainability, Environmental, and Climate Advisory Services with KPMG, will shed light on the key initiatives and policies being undertaken to manage climate adaptation at the federal level. Bryan will discuss the significance of interagency collaboration, policy development, and innovative management strategies to build a resilient federal infrastructure that can withstand climate-related disruptions.

Johnson Controls will delve into the intricacies of building facility-related control systems with a focus on the sustainable, efficient, and adaptive solutions that curb environmental impact, mitigate risks, and contribute to global efforts against climate change.

Microsoft will provide an update on the strategic partnership between Microsoft and KPMG, which is aimed at enhancing the collection, management, and reporting of climate-related data.

This engaging and comprehensive panel discussion aims to provide a platform for a multidisciplinary conversation on the diverse approaches to climate change resilience from various sectors.

Learning objectives:

  • Enhance participants' understanding of the current state and significance of climate data, as well as the innovative tools and technologies being used by organizations to inform decision-making and develop strategic adaptation plans
  • Provide insights into the federal government's role in climate adaptation, including key initiatives, policies, and collaborative strategies
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of sustainable and efficient facility-related control systems in addressing the challenges of climate change
  • Encourage awareness of the power of strategic partnerships, as showcased by the Microsoft-KPMG collaboration, which enhances the collection, management, and reporting of climate-related data, and highlights the critical role of cross-sector collaboration in driving climate change resilience and sustainable solutions
03:45 PM - 04:45 PM
23 May 2024


Suvendu Bhutia
Engineering Leader, Johnson Controls OpenBlue Digital Products and Services
Keith Bryan
Director, Federal Sustainability, Environmental, and Climate Advisory Services, KPMG
Venki Kumar
Director of Climate Data and Technology, KPMG
Andres Ravinet
Sustainability Global Black Belt, Microsoft